Apple Does Mobility Better Than Just About Anybody

A few weeks ago, Apple released its earnings statement for Q3 2011, and revealed its best quarter in the company's 30+ years history. Additionally, Apple has sold more than 25 million iPads since the device's debut a little over fifteen months ago. On the heels of this great news, Apple has officially released their newest operating system, Lion and is planning to launch a cloud offering this fall (iCloud).

Perhaps none of this is particularly surprising for the tech innovator, however, it is important to note such success as it heralds a significant shift in the consumer computer world. While Microsoft and other PC tablet makers' rush to catch up to Apple and its unparalleled success with the iPad, it appears that Apple has once again established itself as the leader in quality personal and business computing equipment. Despite its higher price point, consumers have globally made the statement that they're willing to shell out a couple hundred more bucks for quality product.

However, what may be most telling is what type of affect such high numbers of penetration will have on the business world. In what ways will businesses use iPads and iPhones in their day-to-day operations? With a lower price point and robust computing power, it would seem that an iPad might be a very cost-effective replacement for a desktop computer, allowing for greater mobility and multi-tasking. As employers and their employees are tasked to do more with less, it would seem outfitting your sales team with $500 iPads is a justifiable expense for the increased connectivity.

Retailers have long struggled with lower tech equipment that provides limited screen space and freedom of movement. A device like the iPad could be a great alternative to handheld scanning/inventory guns: the batteries last longer, the computing power is greater and the screen is big enough for you to see everything you need. As current handheld devices continue to become outdated, the iPad may become the next go-to warehouse device.

Currently at DROSTE, we're in the process of determining how this new technology might be incorporated into our offerings. We recently met with a time clock maker that has a biometric clock with a 10-inch touch screen interface. Can you imagine how useful that could be? Companies could use the devices to deliver messages to far-flung employees, create an onscreen interface for employees to view their schedules or request time off and even review company events or announcements. We are still exploring all the possibilities such new technology offers, but it is an exciting time to work in technology. I'm sure Steve Jobs would agree.

Source: Apple Sells 9 Million iPads & 20 Million iPhones in Third Quarter, Mashable, July 20, 2011

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