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Ball’s Food Stores Move Forward With DROSTE Workforce

DROSTE Software is pleased to announce that Ball’s Food Stores based in Kansas City, KS has signed on to deploy DROSTE Workforce Optimization throughout their 28-store chain. Ball’s Food Stores opened their doors in 1923 and has risen to become a leader within the retail marketplace. All of us at DROSTE are looking forward to an exciting partnership with Balls Food Stores.

DROSTE Software Is Proud to Partner With C&S Wholesalers

DROSTE Software announces a “preferred vendor” Workforce Solutions partnership with C&S Wholesalers. C&S Wholesalers will now be offering customers throughout the US, DROSTE Workforce series hosted in the cloud. DROSTE Workforce is a series written specifically for the Supermarket industry, the series includes Time & Attendance, Labor Scheduling and Labor Forecasting.

This relationship allows C&S Wholesalers to offer their customers’ world-class software solutions supported by exceptional talent. Both companies have worked together for many years on an informal basis and have built a long-standing track record of success within the supermarket industry.

iOrderHQ Launches Onto The Streets of Boston

DROSTE iOrderHQ, Mobile App Launches Onto The Streets of Boston At

Grand Chef, Barbara Lynch’s Sportello!

James Beard Award-winner and Relais & Chateaux Grand Chef Barbara Lynch regarded as one of Boston’s – and the country’s – leading chefs and restaurateurs launches DROSTE iOrder Mobile App at Sportello. Within the 1st week Sportello began taking 100+ orders daily through DROSTE iOrder Mobile App digitally branded as “Sportello Express”!

Customers are no longer waiting in long lunch lines! It is as easy as 1,2,3!

Step #1 Place your order on any smart devise or desktop computer!

Step #2 Prepay with your Debit or Credit Card!

Step #3 Swing in “to grab and go”!

This is one more reason why Grand Chef Barbara Lynch is always ahead of the curve in all aspects of her businesses. The Barbara Lynch Group looks to use the latest in technology both in the kitchen and front of the house to enhance each customer’s dinning experience.

World-class software solutions supported by exceptional talent! Isn’t it time you called us, 978.686.5775

A helpful hint from our office to yours

I’m a big believer in finding tools that make life easier. Especially in business, where a majority of my day is spent making calls, communicating with clients and managing staff, anything I can use that makes my business run smoother, be more productive and allow me to generate revenue are invaluable to me. So, I’m going to share one of my secrets with you.

Ready? Here we go.


It’s an online project management system created by 37signals, LLC and since I began using it in 2010, I honestly can’t imagine my life without it. Here’s what I love most:

Completely user-friendly and intuitive – Set someone up with a login and password and turn them loose. If they have any online acumen at all, they’ll figure it out.

Easy to navigate permissions – You can easily set up who sees what projects and receives updates, making it a great tool for organizing multiple teams as well
as multiple projects.

Invite-only feature for your VIPs – I have now begun to invite clients to use it when we embark on a new project. By sending them an email with a username and
password they can have real-time access to everything happening with their
project and communicate back to my team as well.

I could honestly sing the praises of Basecamp all day, but I think these are the key features that make it so perfect for small or medium-sized businesses or even larger firms. The pricing is nice, too – it’s on a sliding scale based on your project load. Go to for more information, or shoot me an email and we can chat about how awesome it is.

*Disclaimer: Basecamp is a product of 37signals, LLC. I was in no way compensated for this post, just wanted to share my love of such a great tool!

11/1/2011 – What’s over the horizon: Discovery in business

Our world would be very different if Columbus and his intrepid team had maintained the theory that the world was flat and never tried sailing beyond the horizon. But because of their courage and determination, everyone the world over discovered the earth was actually round and there were more lands, people and places out there than we’d imagined.

Mapmakers rejoiced.

While Columbus’ discovery changed our world, he was following in the footsteps of explorers before him just as others would come after the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Where would your organization be if no one there had this similar drive to discover? At DROSTE, many of the innovations we’ve made have come from the questions raised by our employees and our clients. This discovery takes us down a natural path of evolution, allowing us to grow beyond the status quo.

So, who is the change agent in your office? Who’s the person asking the questions? If you’re lucky, it’s someone at C-level. If you’re really lucky it’s someone who not only likes to ask questions, but act on the answers. Because just asking isn’t enough.

Keys to Organizational Discovery

1. Curiosity
Ask the question, work the problem, brainstorm on the white board, whatever it takes

2. Development Process
Once the question has been asked and answered, it’s time to put your ideas into motion. For some of us, this is as simple as a to-do list, but for large corporations implementing major change, it means change management, including a documented process with a timeline, assignments, milestones and deadlines. (Although not necessarily a Gantt Chart. Those things can be hard to read.

3. Delegation
Now that you have a plan, it’s time to implement it. In any organization, this means identifying your strongest “doers” and handing them a checklist. The trickiest part of this is giving them enough leeway to do the job, but also offering support in case they need it.

4. Testing
Enacting a plan and following the steps is all well and good, but it’s imperative that you test it as well. Releasing a product or process without proper vetting can be disastrous whether your users are internal, external or the public at large. People will always make recommendations for the way something new could be better, but you don’t want them pointing out major bugs.

5. Launch
Okay, you’ve tested, prepped your team, prepped your market, it’s time to get this thing off your desk. And now, it’s time to launch. Be sure that, as with every other step in this process, you have a plan.

6. Follow-Up
Sometimes the easiest thing to do is make a change. It’s checking in, following up, asking questions after the fact that can be a challenge.

Your first attempt at change following a major discovery will be difficult. However, unlike Columbus, you won’t have to deal with scurvy or dwindling supplies. But even with obstacles, the act of discovery and the change it brings is worth it; for your business, for your employees and for you.