Introducing Droste's New iPhone App - iOrder

“There's an app for that" has become as common a catchphrase as “You deserve a break today." Apple's iPhone is now a part of our vernacular, making smartphone integration an important piece of any company's puzzle. Fortunately, Droste is ready.

Introducing iOrder - the latest application from Droste and the first designed for the iPhone. Even better, iOrder addresses a specific grocery need - deli ordering - and makes the process simple and painless for the customer and the store.


iOrder was written with delis in mind. It takes the process of deli ordering and puts it in an app, giving customers the ability to place orders on the way to the store and then simply pick them up once they arrive. Customers can also save their regular orders to a "favorites" list, and review the latest specials. iOrder also has the following functionality:

  • Order Status Update
  • Order Notification
  • Store Locator
  • Order History
  • Latest Specials/Announcements

iOrder also provides a seamless backend user interface, providing store's with an easy system to maintain deli menu items, receive and print orders for fulfillment, and notify customers when orders are ready.


There's no doubt having an iPhone app is cool, but the best part of iOrder is that it serves to streamline your store operations and improve your customer experience. iOrder will reduce wait times at the deli and maximize the customer's in-store shopping experience.

iOrder is also a fully customizable product, giving each store the chance to brand and promote it in ways that work for you. Droste will provide the technology while you get to be the hero who provides the latest in deli ordering to your customer.

Contact us today at (978) 686-5775 or via email at if you're interested in more information or a demo.

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