Automated WIC Processing

DROSTE has now made it easier for all California grocers to comply with federal and state laws to redeem food instruments at any authorized retailer. With Automated WIC Processing, the redemption process becomes faster, more efficient and more cost-effective.


DROSTE can implement a software-only solution based on your current configuration; a batch manual feed that doesn't require a MICR reader or a full POS integration.

If you already own a MAGTEK Mini MICR or Excella MICR reader or if you prefer to enter WIC data manually, our processing module can still aid you in auto-formatting and electronically submitting your serial numbers to the appropriate agencies.

However, if your WIC processing is lower in volume and/or doesn't require a MICR reader with auto feed capability, we offer a complete system solution that partners our WIC Processing Software with a MAGTEK Mini Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) reader. Using the MICR reader to capture each serial number makes the process faster, simpler and more accurate than manual entry. As with the software-only solution, once all the information has been gathered electronically, the system will format it accordingly and send it via electronic methods wherever you need it to go.

Lastly, we offer a solution that integrates our WIC Processing Software with a MICR reader with auto-feed capability. If you're managing a high volume of serial numbers, this approach can greatly cut down on the time spent inputting data by processing up to 70 WIC instruments per batch.

If you're currently scanning WIC instruments at point of sale, our WIC Processing Software will retrieve all WIC instrument serial numbers from your POS journals and then format and send the information as necessary.


If these options don't appear to be a direct fit, DROSTE will work with you and your specific needs to craft the best solution for your business.

* Available in California only.

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