Bill of Lading Manager

Importing goods from other countries requires compliance with your local Customs Office. This often means filing proper paperwork in a timely manner and paying additional fees, such as duty and freight costs. It also means recalculating product pricing taking all these numbers into account to ensure you're making a profit off imported goods. It's a lot of steps; luckily DROSTE's Bill of Lading Manager can handle them all.


Tailored for companies importing goods or merchandise from a foreign country, it is applicable for any organizations in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe or the Caribbean.

The system utilizes multi-user Windows software and a combination of pop-up screens, hot keys and validation processes that will save you time and increase efficiency and accuracy. The Bill of Lading Manager builds in the importing rules of your country and reduces, often eliminates, the chance for non-compliance or violations.


Bill of Lading Manager allows you to control your own data while managing your duty fees and freight costs and automatically populating and transmitting the correct customs forms required by your local authorities. In addition, the Manager will:

  • Calculate total item cost, adding appropriate duty and freight fees to the wholesale cost to maximize your profits
  • Automate the input process, saving payroll hours and reducing the chance for errors
  • Accurately calculate your customs and taxes to ensure precise payment
  • Avoid underpayment of applicable fees, reducing the chance of an expensive audit and being subject to government fines


    Bill of Lading Manager offers a variety of reporting tools that allow you to reap the benefits of automated and accurate record-keeping. The system breaks out all charges by item by line, giving you a complete analysis of a product's total cost and the chance to further negotiate better rates. Here are a sample of the other reports Bill of Lading Manager can generate:

  • Costing Summary
  • Shipment Details/Summary
  • Landed Costs
  • Insurance Summary
  • Customs Details
  • Customs Warrant
  • Cost Changes
  • New Items
  • Landed Cost Variance
  • Cargo Declaration

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