Billback Manager

The complexity of billbacks makes the process tedious and time-consuming. With DROSTE's Billback Manager, we put you in control of managing, tracking and invoicing billbacks, while reducing the time spent verifying pricing and organizing the vendor invoicing process. It's total control with less effort, giving you the tools to truly evaluate the performance of any and all products from a chain-wide or individual store level.


By automating the billback process, our Billback Manager simplifies the process. Our system gives your office the control to enter all billback information including item, manufacturer and vendor in any combination of flat fee, unit billback and free products. These options allow you to manage billback invoices down to the smallest detail.

  • Expedite payment by including UPCs and ad items on invoices
  • Manage special offers comparing the previous year's sales
  • Automatically generate invoices once store or chain minimums are reached
  • Track special billbacks for store grand openings or reopenings
  • Credit individual stores for their performance while sending detailed chain-wide invoices to vendors


    Long-term billbacks pose the biggest challenge to your Accounts Receivable department. However, our system places you in control of invoice frequency and amount. After entering long-term billbacks, you determine how often invoices are generated (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually). The system will then track three key items for you: performance through store scan data; purchases through Retail Accounting Manager; and imported vendor and wholesale purchases. Using this information, detailed progress invoices are automatically created on the timetable you've determined.

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