Customer Loyalty Manager

The grocery market is more diversified than ever with large chain stores, warehouse centers and specialty stores vying for consumer dollars. This abundance of choices makes it more important for you to let your best customers know you value their loyalty and business, by rewarding them with benefits that meet their shopping needs and positively impact their household budget. DROSTE's Customer Loyalty Manager enables you to accumulate and track points for customers, generate reports and mailings for reward delivery, assign unlimited ID numbers per shopper, link household members and more. In short, it allows you to reward and "incentivize" your most valued customers.


Identifying your best customers is not always based on dollars spent. True, customers who generate the highest purchases are a value to your organization. But what about those who bring you the highest gross profit contributions? Or those who purchase heavily in one department?

By using the data already collected by your POS, our Customer Loyalty Manager helps you effectively determine who your best customers are based on the criteria you value most. This data provides you with detailed and accurate information on purchases and gross profit contribution per customer. You can also establish custom promotions based on a variety of criteria including single product sales, department specific sales and all sales.


Because the data is collected through your POS, the detail of customer reports is unparalleled. There are a variety of queries you can run based on customer buying habits that include:

  • Coupon usage trends
  • New customers
  • Best customers (by dollars spent, average dollars per item, etc.)
  • Frequent shopper spending by item
  • Percentage of customer sales by department

  • Additionally, you can keep track of customers who may have been "lost" during a period or those whose spending may have decreased giving you the opportunity to directly entice these valued shoppers back to your store.

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