DSD Receiving Manager

Streamlined processing and accurate accounting across multiple systems is a hallmark of DROSTE software. In no instance are these options more necessary than when managing your deliveries from multiple vendors. The DSD Receiving Manager provides instant cost, quantity and product verification, ensuring that you're only receiving-and paying for-the product you requested. Also, the system can compare delivery costs to previously negotiated costs and take note of any discrepancies, rejecting any delivery that does meet your expected price. This enables an accurate record of going-in gross results and further protects you and your organization from other's mistakes.


The arrival of multiple vendors at the same time isn't a problem any more. DSD Receiving Manager allows the receiver to "suspend" an unlimited number of vendor deliveries without losing any data already entered. This is particularly handy when vendors need extra time to pull returns from the sales floor. During this lull, your receiver can enter other deliveries, eliminating delays and frustration. And, reactivating a suspended delivery is easy-just scan any barcode from that shipment and the order will be active once again.


Another feature of the receiving manager is the EVENT TABLE, allowing your office to preset file batching and backups so your receivers no longer have to stop and do it. When your receivers are focusing solely on accepting deliveries, errors go down while efficiency goes up.

Our system requires the use of a FM Handheld with Simultaneous Live Screen for scanning in all delivered items. This FM device interacts in real time with your backdoor system and can be used anywhere in your store or at the loading dock to enter and report data effectively. The Handheld device also allows you to print invoices remotely, easily reconcile invoice discrepancies and verify/audit prices instantly for POS verification.


All information captured by the DSD Receiving Manager is shared with every appropriate system/department within your organization. As each invoice is now automatically generated and verified within the system, Accounts Payable no longer has to manually enter that information, eliminating a timely step and the chance for errors. Also, your office can import/export maintenance information for internal communications and system backup.

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