Item File Database

As the foundation of our retail solutions product line, the Item File Database helps you manage data from both your store(s) and office simply and efficiently. Item File Database houses all data for you, enabling you to easily use it for internal functions, such as billbacks, POS, DSD, best-cost purchasing, inventory management, retail accounting and markdown accounting.

Additionally, the system can also compile reports that can be shared externally with vendors, wholesalers, EDI, store scales and marketing research firms, all at your discretion.


Besides offering report and data management, the Item File Manager also allows for sales and ad planning. By maintaining pertinent data related to store products, Item File Manager allows you to prepare ads without re-keying any information. In addition, it can:

  • Select and price items for sale
  • Pinpoint trouble spots by projecting total gross store profits
  • Create Ad Order reports for advertisers, suppliers, vendors and wholesalers
  • Enter deals received from wholesalers/vendors
  • Track billbacks
  • Set-up markdown tracking for retail accounting


    Item File Manager can support as many stores and/or zones as needed-reducing maintenance and providing flexible, accurate accounting. When unique pricing situations arise, you can override zone pricing at the store level and assign special pricing by store on an item-by-item basis. These features apply to all deals, sales and billbacks.

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