Item History Reports*

What's not flying off your shelves is almost more important than what is. With our Item History Reports, you can create custom movement reports that identify your best and worst performing items by departments, categories, UPCs (and UPC ranges), vendors and stores with just a few clicks.

As one of our stand-alone products, Item History Reports can be integrated with all of your major front-end systems, allowing you to benefit from its customizable reporting tools even if you're not a current DROSTE customer.


Running reports can be a tedious process when having to select multiple categories, timeframes, store locations and more. With our Item History system, you can save your favorite report settings for future use, giving you the chance to log into the system and click "run", the next time you need that report.

Even better, all results generated by the system can be exported to a variety of programs including:

  • Adobe PDFs
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Existing database files
  • E-mail providers

  • The program can even be configured to run as a scheduled Microsoft Windows job with the results emailed out for review.

    *Item History Reporting comes as a value-added bonus when purchasing the Item File Database.

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