Labor Optimizer

The uniquely designed Labor Optimizer module, created in collaboration with John F. Connolly's expertise, allows you to input all the data necessary to successfully staff your stores.

Beyond sales figures, the Labor Optimizer accounts for the time it takes for store and department tasks, including cleaning/sanitation/presentation activities, volume activities, productivity factors, and other activities related to delivering your standard practices of operation. These activities, coupled with the corresponding productivity measurements, provide you with a benchmark to better staff your stores while still maintaining your high levels of desired customer service.

The Labor Optimizer calculates these numbers and provides you with the appropriate number of necessary payroll hours by day for each department of the store. These hours are then communicated to your scheduling module, allowing for automatic scheduling of available employees. The scheduling module then communicates the schedule to your time and attendance manager, ensuring time clocks are updated.

The Labor Optimizer application documents fixed and volume activities, and tracks your sales projections, automatically calculating your needed labor hours for each day of the week.

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