Perishables Administration

Managing your store's resources plus allocating them correctly.

It's the DROSTE definition of perishables administration.

As a grocer, you utilize a variety of equipment and manage a number of costs to meet your bottom line. At DROSTE we've developed a few programs that make it not only easier, but more cost-effective.

Our Meat Cut Test allows you to maximize the profitability of your purchased deli products, including meat and fish. Our Scale Manager allows for updating all of your scales with new product pricing from a central location, ensuring cost consistency across your stores. Our Gross Profit Tracker and our Catering Organizer gives your internal departments the ability to communicate seamlessly with one another when planning and executing outside catering events.

Maybe you already keep track of this info; maybe you don't. At DROSTE, we think you should and we'd love to help.

Perishables Administration

  • Scale Manager
  • Catering Organizer
  • Gross Profit Tracker (Coming Soon!)
  • Meat Cut Test (Coming Soon!)

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