POS Support Manager

Acting as the central repository for all your pricing data, POS Support Manager enables you to synchronize POS data across your stores, as a group or individually, from a central location. This saves payroll hours and eliminates the chance of duplicate data entry, increasing your pricing accuracy.

POS Support Manager links DROSTE's Item File Manager to your store's POS systems. It generates item maintenance batches on a routine basis and then compresses them for efficient transmission to your POS system.


With POS Support Manager's robust reporting tools, complete with filters you define, the following information can be compiled and reviewed just about any way you like.

  • Sort data by UPC, department, vendor ID or commodity
  • Analyze item movement by units sold, dollars sold, gross profit percent or gross profit dollars
  • Analyze item movement by units sold, dollars sold, gross profit percent or gross profit dollars
  • Review historical data in 13-, 52- or 104-week increments for comprehensive management and gross profit analyses


    POS Support Manager utilizes a flexible batching methodology providing streamlined processes and timely price changes. Stores can break down weekly maintenance and coordinate the generation of Unit Tags with matching POS batches. Batches can be broken down into small groups using parameters as you define them, or through set categories, such as vendor, and price increase/decrease. Tag printing can further be streamlined by sorting by stock type and size.

    Once batching is complete to your specifications, employees can change prices in small, manageable groups, and subsequently, apply batches in a timely manner, thereby alleviating pricing issues at the register.


    The Support Manager also simplifies maintaining and managing in-store coupons for sale items. Sale item information is shared with the POS system, enabling an in-store coupon to be automatically entered into the system, allowing for correct redemption at the register. And, with a quick click of the mouse, the coupon can be disabled across all systems once the offer has expired.

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