Price Optimization

Maintaining your profit margin and staying competitive are two of the most important aspects of your business. With DROSTE's Price Optimization program, you'll be able to apply a variety of pricing strategies to different sets of items while simultaneously speeding up your retail price management process.


Meeting the demands of a fluctuating marketplace can be a full-time job. With Price Optimization, you have control over the pricing rules at every level: item, vendor, commodity, department and store. Plus, you can apply multiple rules to the same level while also specifying which rule should always take precedence. The parameters you can set are almost limitless.

  • Round prices to specified increments/amounts
  • Maintain fixed gross profit/fixed gross margin
  • Apply specified dollar amount/percentage over cost
  • Match or beat your competitor's prices


    When selecting and optimizing the prices of certain products, the system will also display suggested pricing of additional items, including a comparison of old and new prices and the change to your gross profit based on the new pricing rules. Then, you have the opportunity to manually accept or decline each change individually or auto-accept all the changes at once. These changes are then posted to your POS files through Droste's Item File Database (or your similar system).


    The auto-pricing feature in the Price Optimization module means that any pricing changes posted to your Vendor EDI will automatically apply the rules you have specified when these changes occur. And again, you will have the chance to review, accept or decline these changes before they are posted to your POS system.

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