Purchasing & Inventory Control

Often times purchasing large quantities of products enables you to get the best price; however storing this product can create its own set of challenges. If your organization manages its own warehouse (or rents one from a third party), our Purchasing & Inventory Control software can ensure your inventory and warehouse operations are cost-effective and organized.


Our warehouse software maintains up-to-date records of all the products currently in your warehouse, even organizing perishable items by the use-by date to ensure your product won't spoil as it sits in your warehouse. Additionally, the system is fully integrated with your POS and store software. So, when inventory of a product in your store is low and you have additional product sitting in your warehouse, the system will flag you to order the replacement product from your own warehouse, cutting down on duplicate ordering and lost revenue.


The system also stores history reporting, keeping track of all product movement and sales and purchasing history, acting as a transaction-based system. This can aid you in identifying any issues related to shipments or deliveries.

And, as with most DROSTE products, the level of reporting is second to none. You can generate reports based on many of the key components of the system. And since the program is fully integrated with all your other programs, you can combine inventory and warehouse reporting with your retail price management system, for better and more specific analysis.

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