Retail Accounting Manager

Through a tracking and verification system that authorizes vendor payment based on previously approved pricing, the Retail Accounting Manager gives you complete control over your vendor invoices.


Our Retail Accounting Manager offers three main components:

  • Unlimited future entries
  • One-time data entry
  • Date sensitivity

  • These three facets all work together to simplify vendor invoicing while giving you more control over the entire process.

    Using unlimited future entries, you can enter vendor price changes and deals as soon as they're received. Our one-time entry and date sensitive system processes new and updated data immediately, automatically ensuring that invoices are properly costed based on their delivery dates. And, since future entries are posted immediately, the information becomes instantly available in Item File Manager, allowing you to create ads weeks in advance while taking into account upcoming deals.

    If you purchase through a broker, you'll receive additional benefits, including the ability to track and prepare direct payments for brokers, truckers and vendors, eliminating the need to manually administer this process.


    This software can be fully integrated with our Billback Accounts Receivable software, adding an additional level of accountability for vendors. Cost and billing information is input during the ad creation cycle, while sales and purchase information is collected from POS, DSD and Vendor EDI. All of this information is combined to generate billback invoices that reflect accurate sales and purchases.


    The Retail Accounting Manager comes equipped with more than thirty standard reports, offering you the chance to monitor gross profit figures, maintain optimal inventory levels, identify shrink problems and more, all on a weekly basis. The system can also report on:

  • Combined purchase and sale information to produce inventory, going-in gross, sales and gross profit reports
  • Inventory change, sales mix and gross profit reports are available weekly, monthly, year-to-date or for a user-selected time period
  • Shrink analysis reporting can be consulted to identify discrepancies

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