Scale Manager

Scale maintenance and management is easy with DROSTE's PCScale Manager. Allowing for you to store information for all of your scales in one central location, the PCScale Manager maintains one scale file, regardless of the number of scales, locations or vendors.


The software contains a complete item maintenance system, including full item details available on the Item screen. Special input parameters allow for updating sale and pending change information quickly and easily through one interface. Additionally, a delayed activation feature allows you to enter pending changes prior to their effective date and push them live when the time comes. PCScale Manager also simplifies maintenance batch generation by syncing user prompts with your sales cycle dates and automatically generating “sale offs” based on sale begin/end dates. Also, you can import data from other host systems using ASCII files.


By managing scale pricing from a central location, you have added control over pricing and gross profit margins. Clients who also use DROSTE's Item File Manager, see the added benefit of a seamless interface between POS and Scale Host systems which allows for scale item updates to be posted directly to the PCScale Manager. Pre-transmission reporting gives you the chance to review and verify all planned scale updates before they happen and in turn, cuts down on mistakes. The Manager can also pull production totals from scales enabling you to review that information at any time.


PCScale Manager works to simplify your scale maintenance and updating process whether you communicate with the scales via your main office or through a PC at each store location. Scale transmissions can be pre-scheduled or immediate and run at both the office and store level. By providing maintenance and updates electronically in advance of the transmission date, the failure of any one PC on the "go live" date will not effect the entire chain.

Troubleshooting and problem resolution are made easier with PCScale Manager's ability to target specific scales or a group of scales in case of an unforeseen glitch during the first transmission. A running system log allows for easy identification of any problem scales and verification that all transmissions performed as needed.

Our PCScale Manager has successfully integrated with the following major brands: Ishida, Hobart, Mettler Toledo, NBI Digi, Bizerba, Avery-Berkel, TEC, Exact, Weldotron & Sanitary.

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