Vendor EDI

By simplifying the electronic data transfer process, our Vendor EDI software offers you more control over costs, helps you identify going-in gross issues early and aids in reducing labor costs. Electronic data transfer also allows you to capture substantial amounts of information that can be used for reporting, analysis and future planning.


Using a simple, one-screen interface, your office can import, review and post electronic information received from both primary and multiple secondary vendors. Once files have been imported and reviewed, Vendor EDI posts wholesaler, vendor and user-entered retail changes to the Item File Manager. This seamless process allows changes to be automatically reflected in all key operational areas, including POS and DSD item maintenance batches, price books and Ad Planner reports.


By allowing you the flexibility to create and send retail change files back to vendors and wholesalers, Vendor EDI enables you to track and verify going-in gross easily and efficiently, ensuring that it supports your marketing strategies.


The ability to import virtually any electronic data, including costs, deals, billback purchase information and invoice information for reports, enables you to track processes that may have been too difficult to manage before. Electronically importing invoice records allows the office to track inventory receipts even on wholesaler purchases down to the item level.


Our Vendor EDI system allows you to export and manipulate any of the available data into reports that suit your needs. By generating reports as spreadsheets or in database programs, you have the opportunity to analyze the information and make necessary modifications before posting it into your system. And once any changes have been made, the updated information can easily be imported back into the system.

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