Warehouse & Inventory Control Management

Keeping you organized plus managing your costs. It's the DROSTE definition of inventory control.

Knowing what you've got in your warehouse goes beyond counting pallets. You need to know where it's stocked, how it's organized and what you paid for it. You need to know what's selling and where, how fast you're moving certain products and when products with code dates need to be rotated out to avoid waste.

Using wireless technology, DROSTE's Warehouse Operations Software, which fully integrates with our Purchasing and Inventory Control office support module, manages your warehouse from bin to pallet to shipment. It reduces the risk of data entry errors and gives you the flexibility to track items throughout the warehouse with a quick scan of a bar code. You'll also have the ability to complete and track cycle counts, cutting down on the frequency of full-scale, and time-consuming, physical inventories.

It's another way DROSTE is helping you manage costs, increase efficiency and make life a little easier. There's no need to thank us.

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