Warehouse Operations Software

If you own or manage your own warehouse, you know it involves a completely different set of challenges and tasks. With DROSTE's Warehouse Operations Software, you can more easily administer your receiving and put-away process, picking, replenishment, physical inventory and cycle counting-all with wireless technology that offers you more flexibility and convenience.


One of the most important aspects of our Warehouse Operations module involves defining your warehouse. This includes defining the number of aisles and levels, the number of bays per level, and any other measurement you need. In addition, you can keep track of cube sizes, allowing the system to automatically calculate how many boxes of product can fit into a certain bay. Automating this process insures uniformity throughout the warehouse and can aid warehouse personnel in more quickly and efficiently stocking product.


Every product in your warehouse can be barcoded, aiding in the process of correctly categorizing and shelving it. The system can also measure product fragility, determining what products can be stacked, how high they should be stacked or if there are special storage requirements.


  • Receiving & Put-Away: Increases efficiency by creating pallet bar code labels to identify pallets of like product

  • Picking: To expedite the filling of customer orders, our Picking calculations allow you to accurately measure acceptable pallet weights making the packing process much more efficient. The system also directs you to where the product is in the warehouse and where it should be retrieved.

  • Replenishment: If you don't ship large orders often, you may frequently be left with incomplete pallets in your picking area. When a new order comes in, the system identifies how much of the requested product might already be in the picking area, and alerts the team if more product is needed. This allows your personnel to process an entire order at one time, instead of beginning and then stopping in order to get more product.

  • Inventory: Managing your inventory is often the most time-consuming and tedious of processes. Our Warehouse Software can help you in two regards:

  • The system allows for cycle counting, keeping track of recently reviewed items and making suggestions for the next items to survey. Taking counts in cycles also helps to identify shrinkage more quickly as you're not waiting an entire six or twelve months to get a head count.

    Since the system is totally wireless, there is no reason to carry around cumbersome clipboards and notepads or larger computer equipment. Everything can be scanned and that data is then transmitted back to your central system.

    The DROSTE Warehouse Operations Software decreases the risk of data entry errors and makes the process of managing a high-volume facility much easier.

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