Workforce Lite

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Learn now this new tool from DROSTE can help you save money on your largest business expense: labor.

Workforce Lite is a comprehensive workforce management system with three distinct modules:

  • Labor Forecaster
  • Labor Scheduler
  • Time & Attendance

  • It’s also a philosophy; a belief that dollar sales volume won't tell us how busy you are.

    Did you know? Workforce Lite clients have cut their time to schedule from 8 hours to 4!

    It’s all about Items Moved Per Day.

    Workforce Lite Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Substantially lower installation and annual maintenance fees than our competitors
  • Quick Turnaround: Within a week of green-lighting the project, you can start seeing benefits
  • Years of Integration Experience: Our system integrates seamlessly with other time & attendance and payroll programs

  • For more information, visit our watch an online demo page or call us at 978-686-5775.

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    Workforce Productivity Management

    Our white paper explores in detail the three phases of Workforce Management.