Workforce Management - Phase 1

Managing your retail workforce is one of the most valuable, yet costly aspects of your business. With the DROSTE/Connolly Workforce Management offering, we have combined industry-specific expertise with a tailored software application to provide you with a retail labor productivity solution that will directly impact your bottom line.


Phase 1: Organizational Discovery

How does your organization operate? Not only from a corporate perspective, but also internally in the Merchandising, Retail Operations, and other support areas, and throughout each of your stores. Do you offer bagging to every customer at every store all day? Do you maintain full staffing in some departments all day long? How many grocery stock clerks, deli clerks, or cashiers do you need and when do you need them?

By meeting with organizational leaders and select store management teams, John Connolly answers these questions and dozens of others with the express purpose of understanding your organization. We want to save you money by improving retail productivity and more effectively managing your retail labor expense-we do not want you to sacrifice your customer's experience.

Throughout the organizational discovery phase, we will conduct thorough assessments of retail practices in your company, visit your stores, speak with your retail management and merchandising teams, and analyze a variety of data. We will also review your current operational guidelines, analyze your markets and competitors, and understand your customer demographics.

This information is crucial to providing you with a solution that works. With the right information, we will develop specific executable solutions that will deliver you results.

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Workforce Productivity Management

Our white paper explores in detail the three phases of Workforce Management.