Workforce Management - Phase 2

Phase 2: Identification of Retail Operations Standard Practices and Merchandising Systems

Once we've gathered as much current background information as we need, we'll develop the framework of your store's labor models. Here's how it works:

  • We identify with you which departments and/or which stores are the best candidates for piloting your program. This can depend on a range of factors, including store location, sales volume, departmental offerings, number of employees, and store leadership.
  • After identifying the departments and stores, we compile a detailed listing of fixed activities, volume activities, and productivity factors as they relate to that specific store/department.
  • Partnering with DROSTE, we also take into account other hard data figures including store and departmental sales, items, and customers, product mix, category management, etc.
  • These numbers and the detailed list of tasks/responsibilities at the store level give you a customized labor model for each store and department

  • While developing the store-specific labor model, we partner directly with the store management team to implement it. We consider their input key to the success of the program, and their insight invaluable to what we are trying to accomplish together.


    DROSTE created proprietary software, the Labor Optimizer, to facilitate efficient workforce management. This program accounts for all the variables involved in your retail productivity and labor management process. We input all of the data collected in the first two phases into the Labor Optimizer and it is this program, along with Connolly & Associates retail operations expertise, that provides you with the tools necessary to achieve your anticipated cost savings.

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    Workforce Productivity Management

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