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Catering Organizer

From deli platters to wedding cakes to full-service banquets, Catering Organizer provides you with complete control over the ordering and fulfillment process. By linking all contributing departments to a particular catering order, our software allows departments to request needed items, specify quantities and enter delivery or pick-up information and special instructions through one centralized system. This data is then automatically sorted and sent to each department as needed.

Each work order generated by the system includes a detailed list of items needed and the delivery date. Transmitting this information through one work order ensures that all departments understand the nature of the request and their role in fulfillment. Departments also have the option to print out orders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to schedule for upcoming requests.


Using the work order information, Catering Organizer tracks both customer invoices by agreed-upon per-person price and department invoices by item. Bar-coded invoice sheets are automatically generated to accurately reflect the sales in each department for each order. Once scanned at the POS system, all departments receive credit for their individual sales.


The average cost to implement Catering Organizer is $3,000 per store, giving you a cost-effective solution that will increase your catering revenue through more accurate reporting and tracking.


As with all DROSTE products, the reporting tools are robust, allowing you to track the following:
• Customer order report
• Customer invoice report
• Work order reports for new orders or a range of orders
• Next day orders needed
• Gross profit reports by department, item, town and customer
• Delivery log
• Outstanding equipment
• Billing report
• Customer comment cards
• Bar-coded invoice sheets