Summer is here, bring on the sun!

Despite its unerring consistency, every year when summer arrives, I'm always caught a little off guard. And this year, with our temperatures here in the Northeast jumping from cold to 90 in the span of a day, it seemed an even more surprising turn.

But, I'm glad the season has changed. The warmer weather means getting out of the house, soaking up some Vitamin D and taking trips to discuss the cool things happening at Droste. Next month, Kathy and I will be taking a trip to the west coast to discuss a great opportunity for our Workforce Lite product. I can't spill too many details yet, but we're so excited that I had to share something. We'll keep you posted.

I suppose the most notable thing about June is that Kathy and I will be traveling “across the Pond" for a little over two weeks. We're taking our first vacation in over three years with my sister and her husband to Scotland, England and Ireland. Kathy and I also managed to squeeze in a quick business meeting with a new vendor who is headquartered on England's southern shore. Otherwise, we'll be spending our time running through London in the early hours when the city is still asleep, sampling the fine British and Irish cuisine and I might even play a little golf, at a local course you may have heard of - St. Andrews.

I hope your start to summer is prosperous and exciting. As you head out to the pool or the beach, don't forget your sunblock!

Take care until my next post, Tom

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