Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to the improved and updated DROSTE Consultants website. We are excited to introduce and inform customers and potential customers about what we do, how we do it and why we do it so well. We have spent a lot of time (years, in fact) creating products that fit all the needs of an extremely competitive and highly time conscious industry.

We love what we do and hope everyone who visits our website or reads this blog will see we are an excellent choice for helping you manage your grocery business and getting the most out of your time and effort. (We mean money and the satisfaction of a job well done and happy customers, too.)

When I started in this business over 25 years ago, I knew I wanted to design programs that would elevate the retail grocery business to a new level. As I got into the program development, I began to see many ways that I could make that happen. That is why we have so many integrated modules so that any aspect of maintaining records would be at your fingertips. The diversity of today's grocery stores makes the keeping of records and the knowing of trends so much more important. The fact that so much of the inventory is time-sensitive makes it crucial for management to be on top of things. Too much profit can be lost when the old manual entry methods are used. Today's computers and their programs are enabling us to bring our customers new services and fresher products.

I hope you will spend time going through the website and reading about the various modules and services we offer. We are state-of-the-art and work every day to make our programs exactly what you and your company need. Every aspect of the grocery business is covered from front end to back end, from worker to customer, from vendor to front office. We have customers from Hawaii to the Caribbean. We will train you, keep you updated, come up with solutions and support you from day one. Service is the key, as far as we are concerned. No problem is too big or too small. We will solve it. All of DROSTE Consultants' employees are highly trained experts in the fields of programming, customer service and problem solving. They are looking forward to serving you.

I hope to post a new blog each week. We have exciting new applications that we're working on. There will be more about them later. We'll be in Las Vegas the second week of May for FMI's annual show. I'm sure there will be some exciting news coming out of that trade show. I plan to keep you on the cutting edge of our industry and inform you when new information and software becomes available. Stop by our booth and introduce yourself if you're at FMI, also. It would be great to meet and talk with you.

Until my next post, take care and prosper.


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