Where did February go?

Wow, what a busy month. I can't believe we've made it to March. I was fortunate to do some traveling in February, visiting with existing clients and also some new ones in the Pacific Northwest and California. I spent a little over a week on the “right" coast and even had time to squeeze in a few vacation days. It was a nice respite from the frigid winter we're having in Massachusetts this year—although, truthfully, the weather was pretty chilly in California too.

I also made a stop in Pittsburgh to give a presentation on our scales software at the Consolidated Food Equipment Distributors (CFED) Regional Meeting. We've had a long-standing relationship with many folks at CFED as they sell scales to some of the stores that also use our software. It was nice to meet them and also get to talk about how our software can positively impact their business.

Here's a stat that really grabbed everyone's attention:

  • One store with $5,000 in deli sales per week can lose at least $150 of revenue, per week, by just having six items wrongly priced by only $0.25.

  • Using Droste's PC Scale Manager, you can update all of the scales in all of your stores, simultaneously, removing the chance for delayed updating and manual entry error. It also saves you about $45 a week in maintenance time per scale per store.

So, it's possible to save almost $200 a week or approximately $10,000 a year in revenue, just by using our software. That realization was a big hit with the attendees.

March is shaping up to be a somewhat quieter month, although we will be attending Bozzuto's show at Foxwoods in Connecticut next week to talk about our iPhone app, iOrder. We're very excited to discuss this with a new set of customers! We're still looking for our inaugural iOrder client; maybe we'll meet them there.

Have a terrific few weeks and until my next post, take care and prosper,


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