Workforce Productivity Management White Paper

Managing your retail workforce is one the most valuable yet costly aspects of your business.

Our white paper explores in detail the three phases of Workforce Management:

Organizational Discovery:

How does your organization operate, not only from a corporate perspective, but also internally in the Merchandising, Retail Operations, and other support areas, and throughout each of your stores?

Identification of Retail Operations Standard Practices and Merchandising:

Identify which departments and/or which stores are the best candidates for piloting your program. This can depend on a range of factors, including store location, sales volume, departmental offerings, number of employees, and store leadership.

General Project/Program Development:

Once a plan is in place, teams must make sure the program is working as anticipated and make real-time adjustments as department models are developed and store implementation moves forward. Data must be continuously collected and analyzed to ensure optimal results.

Workforce management is an ongoing, ever-changing process to establish the right model from the beginning and remain in the mix throughout the implementation and make adjustments to ensure success.

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