Anti-Fraud Check Cashing Program

Unfortunately, there are people in the world who want to run a scam on your business. One of the most common is writing bad checks and cashing them in different store locations within a few hours, before anyone has time to catch the forgers. However, with our Anti-Fraud Check Cashing Program, your stores will have instant access to a central database which records all check cashing transactions, enabling you to spot any repeat offenders and shut them down.


DROSTE can implement a software-only solution based on your current configuration; a batch manual feed that doesn't require a MICR reader or a full POS integration.


The Anti-Fraud Program, along with our Courtesy Check Card program, also keeps track of the people who frequently cash checks in your stores. By issuing them a Courtesy Check Card, pertinent personal data (name, address, phone number) is stored in your system, enabling you to more closely monitor who may be abusing the check cashing system. It also allows you to place limits on certain customers who have a record of passing bad checks and trying to defraud your company.

This software is invaluable to independent grocers who already rely on low profit margins to stay in business. A few hundred or thousand dollar's worth of bad checks can wipe out your profits for a day. Prevent fraud with our Check Cashing programs today.

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